Anthony’s Story

Dear Upstream,

My name is Anthony M and I am a former client. I lived at the Flora Street (group home) for about 6 years. I have struggled with mental health issues for most of my life. I am currently reflecting on my past and I just wanted to thank everyone at Upstream so, so much for everything that they did for me during this period.

As of today, I am completing my degree in Political Science at Carleton University. I will graduate this December. I would never be in this position without the wonderful kindness and compassion of Upstream. Bo Turpin was an inspiration to me and even continued to visit me after I moved out of Upstream. Your organization gave me a home and amazing support when my mental health issues became such that I could not live at home with my parents anymore. Upstream gave me a sense of independence and an enormous amount of support.

When I first moved in, Giselle was my worker. She was so caring, empathetic and always there for me. Also, Carolyn who worked at Upstream was a great source of kindness and support for me. I am not sure if Giselle or Carolyn still work at Upstream, however, I know that Bo Turpin does. I wanted to thank Bo for everything that he did for me because without him I would not be in the position I am today. He is a really remarkable man and I was hoping whomever is reading this email could pass along my thoughts to him.

I also wanted to thank the collective organization that is Upstream. The work you do for those struggling with mental health issues is amazing and I will forever be inspired by the compassion and empathy that I received from your wonderful group. As I embark on a new chapter in my life after graduation I am looking to give back in the same way that Upstream did for me. I learned so much from the case workers at Upstream and I forever grateful to the organization for helping me recover from my issues and get my life on track. Thank you so, so much.


Ruth’s Story