The Substance Abuse Program for African Canadian Caribbean Youth - SAPACCY (pronounced Sah-Pah-See) provides culturally safe and affirming anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and trauma-informed Mental Health and Substance use services to Black youth ages 12-29 and their families.

Our team, composed of clinicians with lived experience, has the ability to provide culturally safe and relevant Mental Health and Substance use support to Black youth who have been underserved and marginalized by our health system as a whole

Bo Turpin, Executive Director, Upstream Ottawa


SAPACCY’s clinicians recognize how systems of oppression overlap with identities (e.g., racism, sexism, ableism, classism, heterosexism, homophobia, and transphobia) to adversely affect the mental health of Black youth and their communities and as a result, work towards decolonizing mental health supports for clients of African descent.


We Are

  • Youth-Focused
  • Non-Judgmental
  • Against Anti-Black racism
  • Anti-Oppressive
  • Intersectional
  • Culturally Responsive
  • Person-Centered




We Value

  • Afrocentrism
  • Rapport Building
  • Our Village (community)
  • Strengths-Based Approaches
  • Harm-Reduction Approaches
  • Recovery-Based Approaches
  • Trauma-Informed Approaches


Connecting Black youth with Black clinicians

We're here to help! If you or someone you know identifies as Black and requires mental health or substance use support, contact us