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New Board Chair and Vice-Chair to lead Upstream

OTTAWA Upstream Ottawa has a new Chair of its Board of Directors and a new
three-year strategic plan, highlighted this week at the organization’s Annual General
Meeting (AGM) at the KPMG Ottawa offices.

Board Director Katie Taylor was elected Chair of Upstream Ottawa Mental Health
Community Support at the meeting, held at the offices of KPMG in downtown Ottawa.
Ms. Taylor has worked in technology for nearly a decade, supporting organizations,
including Crown corporations, start-ups and consulting firms. She works as a manager
of platform operations in the federal government and is passionate about bringing
positive change regarding mental health in our community.

“I am honoured and excited to step into the role of Chair for Upstream Ottawa. As a
volunteer since 2021, I have seen firsthand the impact that Upstream has on its clients
and am thrilled to be part of the leadership team that will continue to drive our mission
forward,” said Ms. Taylor. “Tackling systemic boundaries around mental health in our
community is more critical than ever and I look forward to working with all of you in our
shared commitment to this cause.”

Director Sheldon Mellis was elected Vice-Chair of the Board. Mr. Mellis has worked with
non-profit organizations over the past five years to design, develop and deliver mental
health-based programs to respond to the needs of diverse groups. He is an advocate
for equitable health care for all marginalized and racialized communities and ensuring
that individuals who are impacted by policies and practice are involved in decision-

Ms. Taylor thanked the outgoing Chair, Véronique Joncas, for her extraordinary hard
work and commitment to Upstream in the last several years, when she served two years
as Vice-Chair of the Board, followed by the last two years as Chair.

At the meeting, KPMG Ottawa was presented with a plaque honouring the business for
its “unwavering support, generous donations, and dedicated volunteer efforts.” In
addition to frequently making its Ottawa offices available for Upstream events, KPMG
has continuously provided its expertise to manage the organization’s finances and
support Upstream’s governance over many years.

The AGM was told that Upstream has a new three-year strategic plan, approved
recently by the Board of Directors. The plan has five elements: data collection and
impact assessment, modernizing our intensive case management program, leveraging
the success of our new program for Black young people, and how to enhance
organizational capacity and fundraising efforts.

Upstream Executive Director Bo Turpin provided his annual report at the meeting. He
highlighted the thousands of interactions the staff team had with clients over the past
year, the growth and evolution of programs offered by Upstream and new fundraising
work being done to support wellness services that aren’t funded by government.

Upstream provides a range of critical community supports and affordable housing
options to adults and youth living with mental health and substance-use health issues.

Services include: intensive mental health case management, housing, youth support
services with a focus on Black youth and their families, crisis prevention, medication
management and life-skills coaching.

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New Board Chair and Vice-Chair to lead Upstream