• Why the program is important

    Transportation is the one of the biggest barriers to helping individuals overcome mental health struggles. Getting clients to and from recovery oriented appointments and sometimes even to the grocery store, is of immeasurable value. Without transportation assistance, much of our clinical work simply cannot be successful. That being said, as much as 30% of staff time is currently devoted to transportation.

  • Program Highlights

    We use volunteers to assist with driving tasks whenever possible, allowing our staff to focus on the clinical issues at hand. The less time our staff spend on the road, the more time they have to provide clinical support to our clients.

  • Client Testimonial

    1) What does Upstream’s Transportation service mean to you?
    “Everyone in the shared unit [house] is able to go and do groceries every month and not have to worry about getting around. It’s like a little outing for all of us.”

    “I like it as it makes it easier to get around for outings. As I have a learning disability, it has been really helpful as it is difficult for me to process instructions for bus directions; this way I don’t have to worry about that.”

    2) How have you benefitted from the program?
    “I am able to do groceries. If I can’t make it somewhere, my social worker is right there and not have to worry about [the expense of a] Taxi or bus.”

    “I am able to get to social outings that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.” span>

  • How your donation is put to work

    Donations are used to offset parking expenses for appointments and the per kilometer expense we pay our volunteers for the use of their vehicles.

  • Annual Program Expense


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