Client Events & Outings


  • Why the program is important

    Upstream Ottawa holds monthly events for our clients designed to reduce isolation, something that is commonly associated with poverty and mental illness, and to encourage social networking.

  • Program Highlights

    Monthly outings are conducted in a variety of settings with the purpose of increasing clients exposure to Ottawa and its resources, as well as giving clients a reason to leave their homes and make new friends.

    Many people identify with these monthly outings as a central component of their social networks, in addition to actively contributing to their mental well being.

    Examples of outings include: bowling and pizza, trip to the sugar bush, a summer BBQ, a Holiday dinner, a river cruise, simple walks/visits to local parks in Ottawa, etc.

  • Client Testimonial

    1) What does Upstream’s planned monthly outings mean to you?
    “I love the group outings. It makes you feel like you belong and not have to sit in the house. It’s fun all the way around as everyone’s enjoying themselves and it helps change your perspective.” – Sylvain

    “Gives me a sense of community. I get to do things with people I don’t get to do all the time.” -Romain

    “We go for a walk, [go to] Dows Lake, and the sugar bush. It’s nice to be out in nature.” -Bryan

    “It gets me out to talk to other people, especially when you have nothing else to do and can’t afford many things.” -Angela

    2) How have you benefitted from this program?
    “It has helped me to interact with other people. I no longer have panic attacks as I am comfortable with the Upstream community. No one judges you and you can be yourself at any moment. Upstream has helped me a lot!” -Sylvain

    “Gives me an outing to do, and I benefit from that.” – Romain

    “Mostly by making friends.” -Bryan

    “I am less depressed because I am getting out so it helps with my mindset. When you stay at home, your mind starts racing and this helps me.” -Angela

  • How your donation is put to work

    Very simply, donations are used to offset costs of entrance fees, food and transportation.

  • Annual Program Expense


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Client Events & Outings