Back to School/Back to Work


  • Why the program is important

    The program provides financial assistance in removing barriers to education and employment.

  • Program Highlights

    Program participants may apply for assistance acquiring computers, internet access or clothing (uniforms & attire) for educational and vocational pursuits. The selective application of assistance in accessing education or jobs is often the ‘seed money’ someone needs to get back on their feet as a fully functioning member of society.

  • Client Testimonial

    1) What does Upstream’s Back to School program mean to you?
    “Stable housing and access to internet for studying”–Anonymous

    2) How have you benefitted from the following program?
    “I was able to go back to school with the help of this program”–Anonymous

  • How your donation is put to work

    Donations are used to purchase computers & internet access for youth returning to school full time. Clothing may also be provided in the case of a prerequisite for employment.

  • Annual Program Expense


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Back to School/Back to Work